Training: September 6-September 12

Last week I said how great it was to run in cooler weather. This week we had an awful heat wave, which made running miserable. I got all my runs done, but I sure am glad this week is over!!


Sunday: 9 trail miles in Griffith Park with UnitedLA, average pace 9:49 (which is mush faster than I usually run trails – it probably helps that we didn’t go up into the mountains this time, but stayed on the horse trails).

I had 8 miles scheduled to run and the group was running 10, but it was an out & back route, so you could turn around at any time to shorten the run. I was hoping to do all 10, but my calves started to hurt me (I don’t run trails often) and I decided to turn around half a mile early. I ran 4 miles, ran/walked half a miles, then ran the last 4 1/2 miles back (the second half of the run actually felt better for me). Also, I started out too fast, which is something I always tend to do when I’m running with a group.

9:28, 9:05, 9:21, 9:37, 12:17, 9:58, 10:03, 9:24, 9:20


Monday: 4 miles (3 easy, 1 faster), average pace 9:59.

The husband decided to run part of my run with me today. He is not a runner (he just wanted to get some exercise), so most of our run consisted of me running ahead and either waiting for him or running back to him and then running ahead again (I did run part of the first mile with him, but then he told me not to worry and just run ahead). After 2 1/2 miles he decided he was finished, and walked home while I finished my run. It was also hot out, which slowed me down some.

10:20, 10:28, 10:06, 9:07

Tuesday: Rest day.


Wednesday: 5 miles (4 miles easy, 1 mile faster), average pace 10:00.

This run was HARD, both physically and mentally. It was HOT, 85° when I started, 90° when I finished, full sun the whole time. I divided it into 2 segments – an easy 4 mile out & back, and a faster 1 mile out & back. While I ran both parts continuously, it was easier for me to think of it as just running an easy 4 miles, and then once I get back home I just have to run a quick mile.

The first 4 miles actually went okay, even though it was so hot. I put on some music, and just kept my pace really easy. That last, faster mile? Awful. The heat just really started to get to me, and it took everything I had (plus pouring ice water down my shirts about every minute) just to finish.

10:28, 10:11, 10:08, 10:04, 9:16



Thursday: 6 mile progression run (2 easy, 3 increasing pace, 1 cool down), average pace 10:26.

After Wednesday’s run, I needed a break from running in extreme heat. I woke up super early, and headed out at 4:20 to run my 6 miles). While it was cooler, it was still 75° with 80% humidity. Yuck.

I started with the 2 easy miles, which ended up being the slowest miles I’ve run in years (not counting trail miles). My faster miles weren’t much faster. This was my slowest progression run ever. In fact, this run was slower than any easy run in recent history. Let’s just say that I wasn’t happy with this run.

I think there were 3 things that contributed to my slow pace. Part of it was the humidity – I was just having a really hard time breathing. Part of it was running in the dark – even with a flashlight it was hard to see where I was going, and I really did not want to trip over anything! The main thing, though, is that it just took until the middle of the 4th mile for my body to wake up. I rarely run first thing in the morning, and if I do it’s usually for an easy run.

11:33, 11:14, 10:26, 9:59, 9:17, 10:10

Friday: 5 easy miles, average pace 9:43.

Ironically, this run was faster than my progression run. This actually ended up being my fastest run of the week, despite the heat. I wasn’t running faster on purpose, it just happened.

10:18, 9:52, 9:31, 9:27, 9:32

Saturday: Rest day.

That ends week 3 of half marathon training.

9 weeks to go until Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas!!


One thought on “Training: September 6-September 12

  1. Good jobs on your runs. When it is hot, I start off good then quickly wilt and ponder the idea of hitchhiking home….It has been a rough summer for sure. Have a great day

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