Training: August 30-September 5, and My First Sub-8:00!

Last week was a great week, running-wise. The weather was cooler, with overcast mornings, which made running SO much easier. AND I ran a mile this week at 7:43! It was my first time running a sub-8:00 mile, so I was pretty excited about that. This was also my first time running 6 days a week, and my highest mileage week ever (31 total miles).

Sunday: 4 miles (3 easy, 1 faster), average pace 9:53.

10:39, 10:01, 10:01, 8:55

Monday: 8 miles, average pace 9:41. This was easily the best run I’d had on months! The first few miles were a little bit hard, but after that I felt fantastic. After struggling through most of most of the summer, a cooler run like this was exactly what I needed. It reminded me why I fell in love with running, and made me so excited for fall running!

10:09, 9:57, 9:44, 9:31, 9:33, 9:34, 9:25, 9:38

Tuesday: Rest day.

Wednesday: 5 Miles (3 easy, 2 faster), average pace 9:06.

10:06, 9:39, 9:38, 8:29, 7:43

Thursday: Fartlek run (1 mile warm up, 3 miles alternating 4 minutes faster/1:00 slower, 2 mile cool down).

For my warm up mile I ran to a nearby park, and then I ran on the dirt path there for my 3 miles of intervals. Like running on a track, I did not have to worry about getting stopped at red lights or cars pulling out of driveways, but unlike a track it’s not completely flat, so that make for a bit of a harder workout. I didn’t look at my pace while I was running these miles, but it ended up being that I got faster with each interval (my watch lost GPS connection during the first one, so I’m not sure of the pace for that one).  I ran 2 miles on the roads back home to cool down.

Friday: 5 easy miles, average pace 9:35.

10:07, 9:40, 9:20, 9:20, 9:32

Saturday: 3 easy miles, average pace 10:31

These miles ended up being REALLY slow-paced. Partially because I ran at night and it was hard to see where I was going (even with a flashlight), and partially since I was just having a hard time breathing (humidity, I guess). I don’t really worry about my pace on easy runs; it was just weird to see those numbers after my other runs this week felt so much easier. Oh, well.

10:39, 10:19, 10:38

10 weeks left until Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas!!


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