Training: August 23-August 29

I’ve been thinking about starting this blog for ages now, and Jennifer from Jen Chooses Joy finally convinced me to. I’m not really sure how often I’m going to post, but since I just started training for my second half marathon this week I thought it would be a good time to start.


Sunday: I ran 8 miles with UnitedLA (if you’re a runner in the LA area, come join us!We usually run together every other Sunday). The group was great, as always, but my run? Not so much. I just had no energy from the minute I got out of bed that morning, and for some reason both of my knees were feeling sore. Oh, and I also managed to get sunblock in my eye! I was tempted to turn around after a mile and a half, but with such great company I was able to get through the run.

Monday and Tuesday: Rest days. After Sunday’s run I figured I’d take it easy until half marathon training started on Wednesday.


Wednesday: My running buddy Ana & I joined We Run LA Crew for a 4 mile run in Santa Monica.


Thursday: 5 mile fartlek run (for those who don’t know, fartlek is Swedish for “speed play”). 1 mile warm up, 3 miles of 3:00 faster/2:00 slower, and a 1 mile cool down. I’ll start off by saying this went a lot better than I thought it would. We’ve been having a bad heat wave here in LA, and we don’t have air conditioning. So I headed out for this run at 7:00 (when i was still in the mid-80s outside), after being in a really, really hot house all day. I was sweaty, I was cranky, and I was NOT in the mood to do any sort of speedwork. But I reminded myself how much this will help me when I run my race (I’m training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas half, which is in the evening in November, so much cooler temps!). I put on some music, headed out, and did what needed to be done. The 3:00 faster intervals were all between 8:26 and 8:40 pace. Those are paces that i’m definitely capable of running for longer than 3:00 at a time, but yesterday those paces felt incredibly hard. But I know in the heat it’s all about effort, so I’m very happy with how the workout went.


Friday: 5 easy miles. My husband is usually not home in the morning on weekdays (he leaves the house between 5:30 & 6:00), but this morning he was. Despite the fact that I had just had a hard 5 mile workout last night (and barely slept that night, since it was so hot), I took advantage of him being home to get out early to beat the heat. So I ran another 5 miles at 6:00 AM. While these miles were super slow, they felt really hard since my legs were still so tired. I’m glad I did it, though, since it was only 71° when I stared my run (still humid, though).

Saturday: Cross Training – 35 minutes on the stationary bike.

11 weeks left until I run the #stripatnight!

Is anybody else running Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas? Have any of you ever run it before?


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